Help with yard and garden

Eric and Tisha have been helpin with my yard and garden. I have been trying to build up my soil with a method called Lazangna gardening. You build up the soil with layers of good stuff. Eric helped me dig down and start to layer. Phil and I went over to the rodeo grounds and picked up bags of old leaves and Eric and Tisha helped my get some old manure from the rodeo holding pens. Hope it works. This is a picture of thier little Jordon who trys to help. Not to much help though but is fun. They also helped my wash all my windows and clean things around the yard. Thanks kids.


I have been working on a lot of denim quilts and getting ready for a sale. Also getting ready for a yard sale. I have really been going through 'stuff''. My girls think I have to much stuff and need to simplfy and have something new.They have already taken all my 'rags' that I use all the time and replaced them with new dish towels and bath towels. How am I supposed to clean. Oh wait, maybe they plan on coming and cleaning. Never thought of that. They are right, I do have to much stuff and I am not organized, but, fear not I am getting there. Am posting some quilt pictures.

teeth and the desert

I have made a lot of trips to the dentist in Scottsdale to get my teeth done. I have come to feel comfortable driving in that part of the city. Which is a good thing. We have delighted in the changing of the desert beauty. The colors of yellow and greens and just the lush cacti and trees have been fun to watch. It is about 360 miles round trip so although it is a long trip we have made it fun. Sometimes Phyllis has gone with me and helped me drive and it has been fun t o have a day with just the two of us. We live just a few blocks apart an talk a lot on the phone but seldom have some mother-daughter time alone. Some times Phil has gone with me and he likes to just ride down and see the country and get out for an outing. We stop and have some lunch somewhere and it has been good for him.I am trying to post some pictures of the desert in bloom so will see how I do.


April 2nd

Phyllis and I went to the valley for me to go to the dentist and get new teeth. We stayed all night and had a good time. (if going to the dentist is a good time) We ate at the Red Lobster and stuffed ourselves on Lobster and Shrimp. Today I am feeling good and have been making potato soup. Yummy and good on a cold spring day. We planted some bulbs yesterday, Daffodils I think. My friend gave me some. I am ready for spring. I am still messing with this blog so I don't forget what to do so might just post a picture that doesn't have anything to do with anything.
I told you this picture didn't have anything to do with anything, It is a little boy that Tristi had with her when she came to see us. she is taking care of two little boys and this one just climbed on dad's lap and went to sleep. We don't know them very well but they are pretty friendly. On the other hand maybe it does have something to do with our feelings for kids. Especially Dad. He loves them all. A long time ago when Stephen Prestwich was our neighbor, thier little boy would come over and get on dad's lap and go to sleep. We would call Sue and tell her where he was and we would send him home when he was done with his nap.


drying food

We got some parsnips and carrots from Melvin a few days ago and Phil and I took care of them yesterday and today. It is a good feeling to see the results of our work and to know we have some food storage items that didn't cost anything and will be good for a long time. We didn't let them waste(Melvin was going to plow them under and get ready to plant another garden soon) so it was a two-fold accomplishment, waste not, want not", Prepare for needful times".

I am trying to learn how to use this blog so not sure what will happen . The picture above has nothing to do with carrots and parsnips. It is a project we did in our stake and ward for humanitarian aid and our ward did 5 quilts. I was project manager for that great event. Our stake did a lot of other things also, like hygiene kits, school kits ect. plus about 50 or 60 quilts. Now to save this and not lose it like I did the last one.


Keegan's first birthday

Great get-tobether

Dot and her two daughters Leah and Brea and Leah's 3 children were here for 4 days and what a great time we had. We made tamale's, did a quilt that Brea had pieced, worked on Phils personal History and just had a good time playing games and hanging our. I miss them and wish they could have stayed another day. We got to know Kylie , Dallon and Chloe. She is so good and sweet and fun.